Monday, 26 November 2012

Ten things I didn't know before having a baby

Oh wow! so the last time I blogged I didn't know that I was pregnant! Now a year an two months after, I have a little girl and I love being a mom but did I know what I am signing into definitely not!
I am sharing it all here, but lets be honest you have to see it for yourself...

1. I didn't know that four set of 2 hours sleep is not equal to 8 hours of sleep!
2. I didn't know that you can not die from tiredness, you may look like a zombie but you still can play, sing and dance to entertain your baby!
3. I didn't know that having time to take a long shower, to wash my teeth for 2 min and putting make up was a privilege! even with a helper at home!
4. I didn't know that the only place that I can be alone is the bathroom!
5. I didn't know that my smart phone is so useful, it can fart , make funny sounds, can be numbed, chewed ... huh! and I was only using it to send SMS!
6. I didn't know that there is still a job that is 24/7 all year round and is not paid. It is called motherhood.
7. I didn't know that the best invention after electricity and wheel is nappies! how many do I use per day 25!
8. I didn't know that a baby can outgrow her clothes, shoes...just in few weeks!
9. I didn't know that I need a nose blower!... seriously and it is expensive!
10. I didn't know that those who don't have children are better parents than those who have kids! I was one of them a year ago!

Salute to all new moms out there!

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